Van Wijk Jachtexpertise; certainty in buying a yacht

Jump on board, cast off the mooring lines and set sail. As a proud owner of a new ship, you’ll want to get on the water as quickly as possible. With the wind, towards the sun.

Van Wijk Jachtexpertise understands this love!


The owner of Van Wijk Jachtexpertise is Diederick van Wijk, who has a huge passion for recreational boating, is regularly found on the water.  He has broad knowledge and experience in the fields of technical testing and purchasing of motor and sailing vessels.  With his past experience as a yacht broker, he knows exactly how potential defects can adversely affect the sailing performance of a  ship.

In addition to our work area in Friesland and Overijssel, we also travel throughout the Netherlands and Europe for our clients.  


Discovering defects is one side of the job, communicating about it in a correct way is something else. The findings and defects are listed in a report accompanied by objective and expert advice, tailored to your wishes and requirements. At Van Wijk Jachtexpertise, reliability and service are of paramount importance. That starts at the first contact moment and, if it is up to Diederick van Wijk, leads to a long lasting business relationship.

If you want to know for sure whether the purchase of your new motor- or sailing yacht will not turn out to be a bad buy, call Van Wijk Jachtexpertise.

Certainty in buying a yacht!

Van Wijk Jachtexpertise
stands for
  • Independent and Competent
  • Substantiated and Clear Reporting
  • Involved with Integrity
  • Driven with an eye for Detail
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