Yacht appraisal

Appraisals are conducted for several reasons, but they are primarily performed to establish a vessel’s fair market value and report that value to a lending institution. We’re able to determine an accurate yacht appraisal after we’ve performed a detailed inspection of the vessel’s systems and overall seaworthiness. Many owners seek an appraisal to determine the value of older boats, engines, and other marine equipment designated for tax-filing purposes. Fully certified and equipped to serve your needs, we’ll gladly assess your vessel, no matter what the reason.

When purchasing your yacht you may need to have a substantiated appraisal for insurance or financing purposes. Van Wijk Jachtexpertise can perform an appraisal for you separately or in combination with the pre-purchase survey.

Van Wijk Jachtexpertise not only works for private yacht owners but also for banks, insurers, attorneys and accountancy firms.

Insurers do not always have their own yacht experts or product specialists, or enough of them, to inspect vessels for underwriting. Van Wijk Jachtexpertise can carry out a Condition and Value Survey on behalf of the insurer on the essential safety requirements that apply to every vessel, for example the risk of sinking, fire or collision.

For accountancy firms, Van Wijk Jachtexpertise can carry out a value assessment of a vessel for a division of assets or inheritances. We can also issue a rebuild value for insurance purposes.

In the event of a dispute that is brought to court, Van Wijk Jachtexpertise can be appointed for mediation or as an expert witness.

Van Wijk Jachtexpertise
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