One contact, clear communications

Many owners and buyers of pleasure yachts are not yacht builders or marine engineers. Having a yacht built or refitting an existing yacht requires a lot of preparation and making right choices in construction, materials and equipment.

Van Wijk Jachtexpertise offers project management with a large network of shipyards and contractors to select the best for your project, budget and schedule.

One contact, clear communications.

Our services and project management includes:

  • Review design specifications;
  • Consultancy based on future travel plans;
  • Consultancy involving navigation equipment selection;
  • Quotation and budget preparation / monitoring;
  • Contractor selection;
  • Shipyard selection;
  • Shipyard supervision and monitoring;
  • Preparing recommended spare parts lists;
  • Commissioning new equipment and systems;
  • Review CE-certificates;

In case of an existing conflict with a shipyard or contractor, Van Wijk Jachtexpertise can act as a mediator to avoid a legal escalation of the conflict.

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